Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kings of Leon!

So, i went to Bandung on Wednesday with my family and my lovely cousin's family to visit some relatives there. It's something we usually do when the xmas holiday arrives.

In the 2 hours ride from Jakarta to Bandung, i played everything in my ipod during the boring time spent in my car. I played everything from Britney Spears's "Womanizer" to My Bloody Valentine's "Sometimes". And in between those songs, i strucked with Kings of Leon's "The Bucket" that made me feel a bit nostalgic to a time when i always watched "After Skool Rocks" every Monday on MTV. The show played music videos from bands with (whatever the fuck they meant by) "alternative" genre. The show introduced me to Interpol, thx "After Skool Rocks"!.

Suddenly, I was listening to Kings of Leon the whole time i was there.

On Friday, i went to Kartika Sari bakery shop with everyone. While everybody was busy picking out cakes and bakery, i was shocked to my very core because i found a Q magazine January 2009 subscribers-only issue for only 55.000 rupiah! i was like what the holy macaroni fuck?! and Kings of Leon was on the cover! Holy mother macaroni father fucker fuck!? so, without any hesitation in my gut, i bought it. And Kings of Leon's latest album "Only By The Night" was named album of the year by Q (which is very strange to me, it's not an album of the year worthy, but maybe the 50th best album of the year for me).

This strange coincidence of events made me (like what Lykke Li has been singin all year) a little bit in love with Kings of Leon all over again. And i prefer long-haired Caleb! woohoo!

I'm Listening to Kings of Leon's "The Bucket" because it's my favorite.

And i'm also listening to Kings of Leon's "Because of The Times" because it's their best album.

Greetings from Keyser Sozé!

Well, hello there. How are you?
This is my first fuckin' post and this post contains nothing.
So, feel free to regret reading this post, hahaha.
See you, lads!