Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is (one of the reasons) why i love Beach House so much!

These guys are Beach House
and i love them very dearly
and this is (one of the reasons) why

When they were traveling on a train in Norway, some Norway TV journalists with their video crew ask them to write them a song on the spot and play it for them.
The first words from the lyric sounds like they bitch out for being disturbed mid-journey by this project ("We were sleeping 'til you came along..."), but it winds up being just a nice, sepia-tinged Beach-y sing along. (thx stereogum)
This video is their on the spot performance of the song "Norway" in the central train station in Oslo

But in the SXSW festival this year, the song that i thought was just a little unimportant song that they had to make for the journalists turns out to be a wonderful song!

AWESOME GUYS! can't wait for some more awesome tunes!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


This guy is Edward Droste. He is the founder/singer of the band Grizzly Bear .
Grizzly Bear is one of my favorite band of all time.
But I'm not going to talk about him or Grizzly Bear right now..I can do that later.
Right now, I am very happy, because i just experienced an unforgettable event that i'll never forget. Don't care if you think that this is lame or something, but this event matters to me.

I twitt (is twitt a thing? whatever), just like some of you.
I twitt to have fun and to know what is goin on in my heroes' life
(heroes : family, friends, musicians, film makers, whatevs).
So, i've been following Ed Droste's twitter updates and he is my favorite guy on twitter.

Today, i was feeling excited to watch Grizzly Bear playing a new song live from Late Night Show with David Letterman. But unfortunately they got bumped, and i got sad.
I Expressed my sadness by dedicated some of my twitter updates to Ed Droste.
But, when the excitement and the sadness got mixed, it made me a little bit nuts. Suddenly, i said some stupid things to Ed (@EdwardDroste, read from bottom to top).

Suddenly, a miracle happened!

Here's an overview look on the situation, READ FROM BOTTOM TO TOP!

So, a little thing called twitter made a teenager from Indonesia got a "wassup + a wink" from his hero.

Monday, May 11, 2009

"So what so what? So fine so fine!"

These cute girls are Telepathe , and they're fuckin awesome!
Just listen to their debut LP, Dance Mother, and you'll be trippin without a doubt!
This is "So Fine", a single from their debut. And of course the song is soo fine..
Look out for Chairlift's hot vocalist, Caroline Polachek at 2:58!

"I found her in a dream, looking for me"

The Big Pink is my favorite new band from Britain!
Watch Out for their debut LP later this year.
The first song that i dug is "A Brief History Of Love", and it's my favorite.
And this is "Velvet", their latest single

Saturday, May 2, 2009

"We didn't sign up for this..I'm Done.." Yeah Wolfie! you're done professionally..

Me and my friends were so excited to watch the thing..We came to the Theatre with high expectation.
But our verdict on the movie are the same..Wolverine was utter crap!

Well, it is the typical superhero movie with all the usual ingredients (all the cheesy and cliche ingredients indeed). But it was all bleak, makes no sense, with all the total cliche shit from all superhero movies combined. I felt nothing when i watched it. No emotion, no excitement, no sense of awesomeness.
I laughed through most of the fighting scene..especially the ones with the hell that talentless fucker get a gig in an X-Men franchise? and the Gambit jump from the roof, totally unnecessary.
Well, except the first Logan and Victor encounter at the bar..that was awesome..oh, (spoiler)and all the scene with Ryan Reynolds before he transformed into the most forgettable villain EVER.

You can see it clearly by comparing this crap with the cliche but well crafted Spiderman franchise..Wolfie came nowhere near the friendly neighborhood..

This movie was supposed to be all the greatness of the iconic character and all the glory to superhero film genre.

I was expecting a little bit of Dark Knight drama but Logan was so emo, a little bit of Iron Man unforgettable portrayal but Logan was angry all the time, a little bit of Spidey well crafted screenplay but this is a total garbage..

Because the last movie I saw before this was Watchmen, the experience made me craving to watch watchmen again..

So,it was a waste of time and a waste of 25.000 Rupiah..
Wait for Crank : High Voltage to hit theatre if you wanna experience a no brainer action tour de force..