Friday, February 20, 2009


It was my second time watching "There Will Be Blood" today, Star Movies aired it. After the second time watching, I've decided that TWBB is Paul Thomas Anderson's best.

I am a fan of P.T. Anderson's works since my first experience watching "Punch-Drunk Love" which i really love so much. Somehow, Paul managed to changed the dorky Adam Sandler into this sweet and mysterious person in the film. It is a very good film, Paul crafted a unique harmony in all the elements that build up this brilliant film. The score, acting, cinematography, color tones and script are somehow work together in a weird way and make this film feel beautifully uplifting in a subliminal way. After "Punch-Drunk Love" I've watched "Magnolia" which i really love too. And after those magnificent movie watching experience, I've decided to watch TWBB for the first time on DVD.

Twenty minutes into the film, suddenly i was unconscious for a little while, i think it was because i felt tired that day. After the little nap, i watched the film while standing up on the floor too get the sleepiness away from my head. After i had refreshed myself, i tried to sit nicely while enjoying the film, but the weird thing was, i couldn't laid my body back, the high tension that the film gave made me sat straight up throughout the film.

The film tells a story about a greedy successful oilman named Daniel Plainview (portrayed by the brilliant Daniel-Day Lewis) who have struggled through hard times to be a successful but independent oil driller in America. Daniel Plainview character is the centrepiece of this film, his wild attitude and outrageous behaviour goes along with his greed and disbelieve on anyone except himself. Other actors like Paul Dano who did a great job portraying a crazy preacher made this film felt more true. The film have a great cinematography(that won Oscar) and scoring that play a big part in this slow paced gripping tale. P.T. Anderson crafted the perfect blend for one of the most chilling character driven film.

If you want to watch P.T. Anderson's best film, Daniel-Day Lewis' greatest film role of his life (Won Oscar for the role) and the first important role in Paul Dano's career, Watch the movie! download it or buy it. you would not regret it, trust me.

UPDATE : I wrote this a week ago, i forgot to post it. Right now, i am watching TWBB again, but this time i'm only pay attention when my favorite scenes are on.

Monday, February 9, 2009

"Don't you try to shoot up the sky, tonight, we'll stay alive"

These guys are The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. They are from Brooklyn, New York, and they are pure awesomeness. They play a great mix of shoegaze/noise pop/twee. Well, nevermind about what they sound like, they're just awesome. They've just released their self titled album on 3rd February, and it's really good.

I've been listening to their album a lot, and it is one of my favorite 2009 music releases after Animal Collective's "Merriweather Post Pavilion". Well, i have not listen to Bon Iver's "Blood Bank", but i will give a listen to it soon.

P.S. : Peggy Wang (the only girl in the band) work for Buzzfeed , a blog site that post pop culture thingy. I visited the site today and found this disturbing picture of Rihanna's beaten up face.

Well, now i know that Chris Brown is a fag, don't let his fancy dancing fool ya, he's a fag!