Tuesday, August 4, 2009


"The new and awesome Phoenix Line-up with 3 Indonesian groupies..(hot groupies btw..)"

Yep...when Phoenix came to Jakarta, they recruited me as the new member of the band..
I'm the one in the middle..because i am the leader of the band..

"Merchandises on The Table"

On the 1st of August 2009, me and some of my friends met Phoenix in Aksara Bookstore Kemang. It was a meet & greet session and it was open for public..so every indonesian who is a die hard Phoenix fan were probably there..

They came through the Bookstore's door at 1 PM..
And the first people that they ran into was me and my friends..
We were in total shock when they came in!
Everybody in the bookstore were in total shock!
There was this short awkward silence in the store as they smoothly came in through the door, everybody was looking at the four Parisian boys but done nothing but froze out.
Fortunately, we unfroze ourselves by welcome them by their in their native language.. "Bounjour!" we said.. and the band starts smiling real wide and shake all of our hands..
"Ca va?" Branco said (i think)
"Ca va bien, merci!" we said..At that moment we were all glad that our school taught us French..

"Deck strolling through the bookstore lookin all weirded out when the awkward silence occured"

Finally, the band got to their table to start the meet & greet session.
After the guy who was in charge told the instructions and started the session, nobody walked towards the band. Nobody moved for a split second.

"What The Heck! Just Do It!" said my mini-me with a halo on his head who were sitting on my right shoulder.

Then, i walk towards the band and we communicate.

They love Jakarta, but Branco said that "We haven't eat" (i think that's what he said, but it doesn't make sense..their accent is too thick for me to understand..)

And they said that 2009 have been a blast..

Christian's favorite album of 2009 so far : Dirty Projector's "Bitte Orca"

Christian's favorite song from Bitte Orca : "Two Doves"

Branco said that he didn't read his Interview with Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste, but i did.

And Branco asked my favorite album of 2009 so far : Of course i said that WAP is my favorite, so he wanted to know my second favorite, and i answered Grizzly Bear's "Veckatimest".

Then, they all signed my IPod, and i said "Merci à tous"

After i've finished my conversation with the band, my friends came up to them with their home-made Phoenix T-shirts.

"After i've finished my conversation with the band, my friends came up to them with their home-made Phoenix T-shirts."

After Global TV interviewed them (we waved at them during their interview, and Chris waved back to us, awesome), we stayed in the bookstore, hopin to get more glimpse of the Parisian boys before we watch them in concert later that night. We waited by the exit door, so they'll see us as the walked out. And that was just what happened, as they walking out, we said "Au Revoir" to all of them,and i said "have a good stay here in Jakarta!" suddenly, Thomas Mars stopped, see me in the eye and said "Thank you!" and then he continued to walk (O__o).

The last guy to walked out was Branco, he noticed a cheeky Aksara "Recycled" bag, he asked how much is it but the store gave it to him for free.
Before he walked out, i said "bye Branco, i'll be seeing you tonite!"
He replied "Well, i'll see you too! where you'll be standing tonight? which side of the stage will you be standing tonight?"
Whoa! i wasn't expecting this reply from him, i never thought that he would took my random ramble seriously! so i said to him "i'll probably standing on front of the stage, on the middle."
"okay then! i'll see you tonight!" he said while tapped my shoulder.

"Branco asking me (the hand with no head is my hand) where will i be standing in the crowd of the concert later that night"

It's a blessing for the people of Indonesia from entertainers around the world by still willing to perform after all the terror that occurred in our country. And it's a chance of a lifetime to meet and watch international musicians in our country.
Thank you Phoenix, thank you.


  1. they're amazing pas konser kemaren! nice blog btw

  2. Yes! they were so amazing! It makes me sad whenever i listen to Phoenix now because i always wanted those moments back.. Those unreal experience when i was in the crowd, singing along on top of my lungs to their songs.. definitely one of my favorite musical experience of my life!

    Thank you S.Kirana! i'll try to write more and to write better! people like you are the ones who'll motivate a slacker like me to do things..so, thank you..thank you very much..hahaha

  3. seharusnya gue ikut lo ya waktu itu i just read this