Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It is uncertain and intangible yet deeply affecting. Like a religion isn't it?

After a sudden encounter with Nick and Norah (thanks to HBO), i found my chest swollen up and my blood pumped up like mad. I was jumping up and down (exaggerating there) with excitement because of the uncertain and vague feeling of endearing that was occurring between Nick and Norah in the beginning of the film blossomed beautifully right at the end. I know it was goin to happen, but i watched it anyway. I watched it for the feeling it's given me to refer and reminisce the similar experiences i got or i want to get.

When you feel happy, so happy that you are overflowed by it, the world will follow.

I've seen Nick and Norah three times now. Not intentionally though. I always thought that every time a film is playing on TV and you can't seem to look away, it is a good film. And i've watched Godzilla a dozen time. No kidding. Who could resist a giant ass monster VS NYC?

After that, i thought "Oh, it's Valentine's day isn't it? That's why Nick and Norah was on. There must be a lot of romantic movies playing all day long."
I looked around and there's no girl that i could spend the last minutes of Valentine's day with. Therefore, "What the heck, i wanna feel romantic tonite! I'm gonna spend these last remaining time left on Valentine's day with swelling chest due to cliched romantic tales that i got in my "Essential Drama/Romance/Comedy" DVD collection! Yeah!"

I've looked through it and Eternal Sunshine popped up. i haven't seen this film since one or maybe two years ago. I remember that it blew me away that last time, so i thought it should blow me much further away if i'm gonna watch this now.. And so i popped it into my DVD player.

Do you remember every time you watch that same film, it feels different with each viewings? Do you realize that your reaction towards a film changes because you have changed since the last time you saw it (you were dumber then and you are a bit smarter now)?

This is my 5th time watching Eternal Sunshine and it's the first time that i realized that it is the ultimate love movie. It is like Love Actually without it's glittery love tales and without Rowan Atkinson as the gift wrapper...well not literally though. Haha.

The film has 7 (yes 7...or maybe more? inform me if i miss something) love story interlaced in one crazy tale. You can see that love is all around yet it is different with each person that you injects your feelings with. Therefore, you have to go across the seas, hike the mountains and dig through tunnels to realize whether if it is nice....i mean if it is the fucking greatest thing so it has to be sustained and maintained.

Also, because it is different with every person that you have feelings with, I realized that i have to give it a try to see if this THING is actually great or not. The point is, you have to take the leap with every one that you have feelings with, unless you can bare the worry and anxious feelings that you will have your entire life for not taking the chance, for not trying to see and explore what is out there for you, for not maximizing the chances that you have in this life efficiently.

Our desire could never be fulfilled purely. But It is when you reach out for your desire or found new desires to be fulfilled you will feel joyous and alive.

By the way, it is 4 in the morning now and i couldn't really focused on the things i am writing. This words i wrote is pure impulsive. I wrote this for sharing the love with you on Valentine's day. I just felt like pouring my heart out right now and didn't care a bit for typos, poor arrangement and that sort of things. Please tackle me with the typos and that sort of things if you could spot any so i could tide this shit up later. Thank you for reading.

P.S. I love you, whoever read this

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